The muted wonder in your eyes tells me
that silence is a happy way to live
when all the world, in sunlight, is set free
and all the noises charge the stage to give
the concert of their lives.  The quiet smile
upon your lips tells me to listen well
because the rests are lost in sound, and while
the notes are good, the rests have things to tell.
I know that you will never stop to talk
and tell me of the silences you’ve heard
but I have watched the way you move and walk
and see that you don’t miss the spoken word.
For syllables are simply sounds, at best,
but you, in silence, shine above the rest.


2 Responses

  1. Hannah! This is my favorite of your poems. Inspired me to write some music. Why are there only two up here? I demand In the Garden and Night Swimming to made part of the public domain also.

    Anywho, this is my favfav. Except the last three words. Cliched Miss Trees. Or maybe it just sounds like part of an infomercial to me. I don’t know, it’s probably just because I watch too much tv.

    • Thanks Andrew. There are only two poems up so far because I didn’t want to put up all of my poems at once, then not have anything new for a long time. They will all make it here eventually, I promise! My class gave me feedback on In the Garden, so I need to revise that one a little before I post it, but I will put up NightSwimming, although it needs a new title…

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