heroic couplet


I woke up this morning with only my mind,
my self and my body no longer combined.
I wafted through windows and twisted through trees;
I expanded my vastness to encompass the seas,
then whittled my self to a bright glistening core,
and space collapsed into me, expanding no more,
until all that there was and all that will be
was all in my mind, all simply of me:
the wind on the river, every child’s first sigh,
and miles and miles of the bright-bluest sky,
each one of the light years between every star,
and everything broken, every blood-drop and scar,
each man and each footstep that he ever took,
and all that is written in each glance and each look,
and all the ideas that have been proven wrong,
all graces and beauty, the weak and the strong,
the greatest of shinings the sun’s never known,
the horrors of living as humans, alone,
the quiet and stillness of the places without,
and all color and darkness that exists beyond doubt.
All of this found itself wrapped in my mind,
all knotted and twirling, with me all entwined,
till I, all alone, knew the secrets at work
and felt with my self through the dim dangerous murk
and grasped in its midst how to set it all right;
I knew how to set all the planets in flight.
I knew how to make a life burst into being.
I knew every knowing and making and seeing,
until, in my knowing, I gave them away.
I unfolded my self to the night and the day
and gave back the secrets that were given to me;
I returned all expanses, I gave back the sea.
My mind settled down again into my brain,
the place I had thought it would always remain.
But still, when I sleep and always in dream,
the universe folds itself up in a gleam,
and all that there is and all there will be
is all in my mind, all, simply, of me.


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