found poem

While walking up the main stairwell of my dorm, I found a slip of lined paper on the floor.  The poem below was what was written on it.  Normally, found poetry consists of lines lifted from another piece of writing, be it a news article or a novel.  This particular piece of found poetry, though, is somewhat unique in that I quite literally found it, fully formed, lying in my path.  I’m sharing it exactly as it was written on the slip of paper (except for the title, which I felt was appropriate, given the circumstances).  Eventually, I hope to take these few lines and make my own poem out of them.  Pairing the original found poem with my response to and expansion of it could be an interesting way of illustrating the dialogical nature of my poetry.  Often, the work that I’m drawing on to influence my writing is too expansive to post here (The Brothers Karamazov, for example), but I always try to acknowledge, at least in each post’s tags, the thinkers and works in which I’m poetically, philosophically, and existentially rooting myself.  That being said, enjoy this little snippet of someone else’s poetry.


barefoot bluegrass tumbleweed
smokeswirl hurl curl wrap rub
grass poking peeking through my shirt
tickling toes woes hoes sat at moes
echoed drum beats whispering from the past
wind that sounds like waterfalls
Playing like fiddles Pelvis against ground


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