entering the twitterverse

So, I now have a twitter account.  Slowly but surely, I am catching up with the times.  Follow me if you are so inclined @vNeck_Trees.  I’ll probably be tweeting things of a poetic nature a fair bit, so look forward to that, and if you’re curious about the literary mags that I’m interested in, you can find out about some of those through my twitter as well.

And because this is a poetry blog, after all, I’ve written a haiku about twitter, since the brevity of the form seems fitting, given the character limitations of a tweet…


All noises have ceased.

Crickets have stopped chirping and

the birds are offline.


2 Responses

  1. I deserve a lot of credit for several aspects of this post.

    • Quite true. It is definitely thanks to you that I have a twitter to begin with. And my username was your idea. And I seem to have picked up your haiku-writing propensity. In normal non-twitter circumstances, though, I don’t really care for this particular form. I usually like the rigor of writing formatted poems, but haiku takes it to a frustrating extreme.

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