Parts of me are made of words…

Parts of me are broken records.
Parts of me are thunderous applause.
Parts of me are empty coffee cups.
Parts of me spill into other parts of me.
I have velvet seat cushions on bathroom floors.
I have dirt splatters on cathedral ceilings.

Parts of me are unknown to me.
Parts of me live within commuting distance.
Parts of me live ten years behind.
Parts of me are gone before I get home.
I have hallways of locked doors in me.
I have keys to locks I do not want to open.
I have boxes of novels in languages I do not speak.

I am my own God.
I am my own Father.
I am my own Lover.
I am my own Friend.
These parts of me are all switching roles.
These parts of me are confused about the nature of me.
These parts of me do not know how to interact at parties.
These parts of me get drunk and disappear.

Parts of me are winter parkas.
Parts of me are dead white men.
Parts of me are twin mattresses.
Parts of me are sugar substitutes.
I have a house full of things in me.
I have a garage full of junk in me.
I have fake plastic Christmas trees in me.

This is a yard sale.
Take what you can carry.
There is no return policy.


3 Responses

  1. I enjoy the simple language that you use. It makes the poems more accessible but i’ve got to say the repetition tires me out a little. After the 8th “parts of me” I was spent. I’ve noticed you do that in a lot of your poems, why is that?

    • One of my favorite poems is Joy Harjo’s “She Had Some Horses.” The first time I read it, I didn’t think much of it, but then I heard a recording of Harjo reading it, and I fell in love with the style. You can read the poem here:

      And at the risk of invoking what is almost a literary cliche, I definitely became more open to repetitive, simple language after reading Hemingway.

      • I read the “She Had Some Horses” poem and I see where you get the style from. I’m going to try and get some audio recordings of that style to see if it grows on me. Hemingway was definitely a fan of repetition. Thanks for the link.

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