eight haikus for eighth week

To spare

I can’t stop myself.
Killing time, reviving it,
again and again.

Face paint washes off
with soap, with water, with time.
The layers fade fast.

Hands over my ears,
I block out waves, worlds, wonders.
No time for stray sound.

Hands over my eyes:
are they yours?  Could they be mine?
Time will teach me sight.

Hands over my mouth,
time to rest my lips and tongue.
I take silent vows.

I’ll be you next time;
we’ll switch roles in the doorway.
You’ll live in myself.

Double time, quick step,
march with me, run away now,
left right left skip leap!

Time to fly away.
Gather your shoes, pack things up.
Will you wave goodbye?


2 Responses

  1. I really like what your doing with haiku. I like it’s use as a stanza to a larger piece. Your echoed imagery is beautiful and gives the poem a nice sense of lyricism.

  2. Thanks so much! After writing the first three stanzas of this piece, I suddenly realized that I had inadvertently repeated the word “time” in each one, so I kept going with it. Repetition in general is something that I really like to experiment with. It can be tedious to read sometimes, but I’ve really started to appreciate it.

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