nine haikus for ninth week


Here it is: the end.
The finishing of it all.
The start is long gone.

Forever is now,
never, always, unfolding.
Moonlight on skin.  Yes.

Sinking down, don’t breathe.
Bubbles float, eyes close, limbs lift;
swim deep, rock-bottom.

Feel the building up,
reaching immanent lightness.
What else could there be?

No rain, no wind, none,
but open the umbrella.
Wait for what will come

Do you know the words?
The notes? Rests? The melody?
Sing it. Loudly. Yes.

Steal the blackboard chalk.
Draw duty, morality –
impossible things.

Can you erase them?
Try. Yes. There, you missed a spot
All gone. Good. All gone.

What is left for you?
Your hands, mouth, eyes, and what else?
What else do you need?


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