Encore une fois

As some of my readers might recall, I wrote about Poetry by Emily Dickinson a while ago, and as it turns out, another one of my poems has been posted on the site.  The concept of the PBED blog is that poetry tweets with the hashtag #poetrybyemilydickinson can be gathered by other poets who creatively remix them into a longer poem which is then posted on the blog.  I have done this twice so far, and it has been very fun and artistically rewarding!  My second remix is below, and you can read it on the PBED blog here.


A snake’s breast is filled with Pluto’s milk.
I am filled with stars in love.
Star lovers drinking snake milk,
so many cosmic kisses,
so many cold-blooded celestial embraces.

My dad is miserable, and
I am filled with savage flute music.
Wild lovers leaving their parents,
so many drunken gropings,
so many acidic vomit kisses.

I want to make tiny clones of you
and swallow them like pills
each morning before work.
You are a pain killer.
You are numbing.
I didn’t leave when you
proposed we brand each other.

Lift me up,
boost me,
jack my swag,
I’m ready.

[ORIGINAL TEXT by: AhaBartleby, lindzegee, ohgodohgod, R3pr0bus, Mickeyswartz, youngmatthew.]




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