This poem doubles as a party trick

Here is a poetry that will fit in palms and purses, back pockets, and cellphone screens here are words that are small enough for busy mouths – you can store them under your tongue and take them out at parties during awkward silent spaces, these practiced bursts of quick profundity – “aren’t the inner workings of my mind magnificent” you are asking without asking, you are saying without saying (you are saying I can be romantic when I need to be, when I need more attention than practicality offers me) because really what is language but communication of unspeakings lying low underneath your whispered syllables (but she believes in the brilliance you borrow from computers, from forgotten book pages and junk journals in dusty libraries) and you gather grains of verbal wonderings and visions that you are blind to though you speak them because you know that if you fold them into the fertile ether of the room, fold the butter into the flour, the world will get fat from you and doors (and legs, and lips, and lives) will spread wide to let you in

Here is a poetry for modern man, pill-sized and palatable, a vitamin with breakfast: 100% Daily Value of Arts and Literature (and try our other products – Political Protein Shakes, Current Events Capsules, Computer Science Supplements) and so you swallow it all and the Great American Novel is stirring in your sleeping form as your subconscious laps up books on tape spewed from speakers shoved under pillows and when you awake you can feel a cancer of characters in your vital organs but you cannot remember their names – the players of the plots that unfurl in the darkness of your blacked-out bedroom – you can feel the novel in your fingers, you know it! youknowit! your hands are holding themselves above the keyboard waiting for the clickclacktap of tomorrow’s bestseller, next year’s doorstop, next century’s reconceived classic brought to the big screen

wait for it…wait for it…


4 Responses

  1. This is good.
    Is it edited?
    It acts like it isn’t,
    but underneath it seems
    it may be.
    But then again,
    whose stream of
    consciousness is really a
    stream, once it’s conscious?

    • It is edited, quite a bit, actually. I originally wrote it by hand without punctuation, so simply creating an electronic version of it was an act of revision.

  2. Beautiful. I really like this. Well thought out, Lyrical with content.

    • I’m so glad you like it! I was thinking about splitting it up into two poems for a while, but it’s good to hear that you think it works as is. Happy New Year!

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