love letter to a dead poet

To Emily Dickinson,

Would you leave your room if
I asked you to?
I am asking and
consider this an offer from a
nobody to Nobody –
I will take off your white clothes and
kiss the inside of your belly button
if you come for tea in the afternoon (or
coffee if you like and maybe
cookies with powdered sugar that
will cling to your slender fingers which I
will lick if you let me) and
if you let me I would like to
undo your shoe laces and
every rhyme you
have ever written.



8 Responses

  1. romantic

  2. erotic too

    Marie Marshall

  3. I was intrigued by the title, and loved it more with every line. Really wonderful. If you care for a bit of well-meaning (and questionably-constructive) criticism, I think you could totally do without the third line. I felt it threw it off a bit. Plus, the grammar in the fourth line would then have more immediacy “Consider this a offer…”). But that is just one small person’s opinion. This piece is magnificent!

  4. I love you for loving Emily like this.

    • Thanks (I think?). I’ve always had trouble really getting into her poetry, it always seems so stilted to me. But the things she writes about are captivating, even when the form they come in isn’t, so I keep reading. I visited her house when I was in Amherst once, actually. It seemed so clean and sparse – like her poetry, I suppose.

  5. Now I want to write a poem about loving ED. But then I think: Every poem I have ever written is about loving Her. Thanks for the inspiration or the reflector.

  6. I just wrote this, inspired by your poem and by Billy Collins’ poem. Check it out, if you’re interested:

    Thank you for the inspiration! All Best…

    • Loved your poem, especially the last stanza! I hope we continue to inspire each other.

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