One year ago today…

…this blog came into the world.  Perhaps this passage of time is meaningful.  Perhaps I am a better poet than I was then.  I did not choose Groundhog Day on purpose, but it makes me think of rodents running the world – groundhog shadows dictating the seasons, hamster wheels turning the world on its axis, the internet powered by the body electricity of a million white mice in glass-walled laboratory tanks.  My not-so-secret wish is that I want to tap the glass and make their bodies scatter.  Making waves.  Internet fame.  Maybe I’ll write a rat of a poem, or a ferret, a weasel.  Something that keeps you awake at night with its eyes.  I’ll write a black bear waking up to spring, emaciated after a long sleep through cold months.  I’ll write a blue heron.  You won’t see it coming.   You’ll glance out the window of your car, driving past a marsh, and all you’ll see is the wings spread against the clouds, and you’ll catch your breath.

Of all the years I have been alive, this has been one of them.



2 Responses

  1. For some reason, Joyce Wieland comes to mind:

  2. Happy something or other.
    Bugger, you mentioned rats, so I reach for my rat candy …

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