oh hey there

No, my dear blog, I did not forget about you. I’ve just been so busy writing new poems for my workshop that I haven’t had time to revise any of my already-written poems.  And much to the chagrin of certain people among my readership, I (almost) always revise my poems before setting them free to jaunt about the internets.  It’s like tying your kid’s shoes before letting them loose in a playground (or perhaps it is more like making sure they don’t do weird things with scissors to their own hair so that they won’t be mercilessly picked on by bullies).  But anyway, the long rambling point I am in the process of making is that I’m here and I’m still writing.  And because I just came from a poetry reading and feel a need to live up to the artsy standard I have set for myself by being a part of said reading, I suppose that a poem is in order.

One day when passion becomes too much for my lungs to hold and my hands to resist,
I will bind your wrists to bed posts and trace maps across the territory of your torso,
explore the vast uncharted wilderness of pulsating skin.
I will leave teeth marks and make muscles sing,
uncap pens with my teeth and scrawl masterpieces of the most primal kind.
I will discover language for the first time,
new and living on your limbs, under your breasts, down your spine,
and the lines will lace your deep blood with the glorious ache
of making love out of nothing but dark ink.


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