Radio, someone still loves you…

Yes, for the next seven weeks, I will be reading and talking about poetry with my lovely co-host, Clare Costello, on Carleton’s radio station!  KRLX 88.1 FM, Wednesday nights, 9pm central time.  Clare and I will be reading our own poetry, poetry we like, and we will be having guests on the show.  Fun times!  Tune in:

And here’s a poem, because presumably that’s what this blog is about:

Through the kitchen window

The band-aids are on your
five left fingers, the blood
cleaned and gone – it was
the knife moving beyond
its realm of fruit flesh (the
pomegranate sliced open,
exploding seeds, deep red juice).
It was the neighbor, her
bare shoulders, her white
laundry, the fold of her body
bending down, her arm
reaching for the clothespins
(oh, pin me down, won’t you?).
It was your wandering eyes,
your steady, steady hands.


4 Responses

  1. This is awesome! I’ll have to make a point to tune in.

    I like the poem as well, especially the closing lines.

  2. always the pomegranate…

    • It’s a useful symbol, I think.

  3. Proof of intelligent design (God being a poet and all).
    Yes, it is indeed.

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