april poems

So. It’s  been a while, to say the least. I’ll blame it on being in France, training for a marathon (which is in 4 days, and yes, I’m terrified), and beginning to keep a personal journal that I’d rather not share with the internet. But excuses aside, it is National Poetry Month and I need to write more, so I’m determined to do this one-poem-a-day thing. I’m already behind, which I suppose is characteristic of my way of working on projects, but I’m posting two poems today, so I hope the poetry deities can forgive me. Here goes nothing.

(P.S. I hope the poetry deities can also turn a blind eye to this shameless plug. I’m running the Paris Marathon to support the Human Rights Campaign; check out my fundraising page if you’d like to donate. Thanks!)


I am just trying to eradicate
your troubling quietness.
Here’s the thing: I’m deaf
and great at keeping secrets
that want to be told.
Come with me to see
how, in the heat of
a crowded train car,
you can lose your way
on the straight, iron track
(but really, you should memorize
the name of your long-off stop).
Also: try not to close your eyes.

Waking is the hardest part

Sunrise – I apologize
to the soles of my feet, my limbs,
spine, ribs, and all.

My veins seem bluer every day,
the color of cold
marrow and bone.

Tongue and lips and
other loose implements
once spoke, but

now, my body
curls around its heat,
wizened, tough and humming.


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