cloud city press

Hello, dear readers. Are you excited for sweater weather? It’s still technically summer, but I’m sitting here in a thinsulate-lined wool hat and sweat pants, and I’m really stoked to have an excuse to wear boots all the time. I also impulsively bought a squash at the co-op this week and am beginning to crave parsnips. Autumn!

But small talk of meteorology aside, you should all head over to the Cloud City Press site and read my poem, “Stuffed.” This is my first solicited publication, and I’m feeling pretty smug about it. You should also definitely read through Cloud City’s City Kids with Feelings posts, because they are hilarious little snippets of humanity.

Want some more quality reading material? Check out Whale Archivist. It is written by one of my lovely and brilliant friends from Paris; he has a healthy obsession with Moby Dick, sub-sub librarian endeavors, and short fiction.  


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