One year ago today…
February 2, 2012

…this blog came into the world.  Perhaps this passage of time is meaningful.  Perhaps I am a better poet than I was then.  I did not choose Groundhog Day on purpose, but it makes me think of rodents running the world – groundhog shadows dictating the seasons, hamster wheels turning the world on its axis, the internet powered by the body electricity of a million white mice in glass-walled laboratory tanks.  My not-so-secret wish is that I want to tap the glass and make their bodies scatter.  Making waves.  Internet fame.  Maybe I’ll write a rat of a poem, or a ferret, a weasel.  Something that keeps you awake at night with its eyes.  I’ll write a black bear waking up to spring, emaciated after a long sleep through cold months.  I’ll write a blue heron.  You won’t see it coming.   You’ll glance out the window of your car, driving past a marsh, and all you’ll see is the wings spread against the clouds, and you’ll catch your breath.

Of all the years I have been alive, this has been one of them.



June 21, 2011

Just a quick post to share a link to Windowed, a literary blog that features some great poets, including me, as of today!  And thanks to Jeff Barnes for encouraging me to share my work (you can read his poetry on Windowed as well; I particularly like his poem, Roro).

Poetry: a new service of Carleton’s social thought department
February 2, 2011

Yes, I have started a poetry blog.  Don’t judge.  That is to say, don’t judge me for the fact that I have chosen to not only write poetry but also share it.  Really, the blog’s subtitle says it all.  You can judge the poems themselves all you want.  Comment to your little heart’s desire.  In the midst of all the judgment, though, I hope that you do take some time to enjoy reading the poems and the inevitable philosophical musings that will accompany them.