great minds think alike
January 25, 2012

I just discovered that Billy Collins, US poet laureate from 2001-03, also wrote a poem about making love to Emily Dickinson.  Well well.  I hope this means that I have what it takes to one day be the poet laureate of the US.  Perhaps a strange sexual fascination with dead reclusive poets is one of the criteria that the librarian of the US Congress looks for in potential candidates.

You can read the poem by Collins here and my poem (that I swear I came up with before ever having read Collins’ poem) here.


love letter to a dead poet
January 5, 2012

To Emily Dickinson,

Would you leave your room if
I asked you to?
I am asking and
consider this an offer from a
nobody to Nobody –
I will take off your white clothes and
kiss the inside of your belly button
if you come for tea in the afternoon (or
coffee if you like and maybe
cookies with powdered sugar that
will cling to your slender fingers which I
will lick if you let me) and
if you let me I would like to
undo your shoe laces and
every rhyme you
have ever written.


Encore une fois
November 30, 2011

As some of my readers might recall, I wrote about Poetry by Emily Dickinson a while ago, and as it turns out, another one of my poems has been posted on the site.  The concept of the PBED blog is that poetry tweets with the hashtag #poetrybyemilydickinson can be gathered by other poets who creatively remix them into a longer poem which is then posted on the blog.  I have done this twice so far, and it has been very fun and artistically rewarding!  My second remix is below, and you can read it on the PBED blog here.


A snake’s breast is filled with Pluto’s milk.
I am filled with stars in love.
Star lovers drinking snake milk,
so many cosmic kisses,
so many cold-blooded celestial embraces.

My dad is miserable, and
I am filled with savage flute music.
Wild lovers leaving their parents,
so many drunken gropings,
so many acidic vomit kisses.

I want to make tiny clones of you
and swallow them like pills
each morning before work.
You are a pain killer.
You are numbing.
I didn’t leave when you
proposed we brand each other.

Lift me up,
boost me,
jack my swag,
I’m ready.

[ORIGINAL TEXT by: AhaBartleby, lindzegee, ohgodohgod, R3pr0bus, Mickeyswartz, youngmatthew.]



poetry by emily dickinson
August 25, 2011

Poetry by Emily Dickinson is a poetry project promoting active participation in creating literature. It’s an effort to steal Google traffic from a dead writer & redirect it to living writers collaborating online.”

The idea behind this project is too poetically awesome not to share.  The site is encouraging people to tweet micropoetry with the hashtag #poetrybyemilydickinson.  The tweets don’t need to relate to Emily Dickinson or her poetry, heck, they don’t even need to be identifiable as poetry at all.  Anyone can then gather these tweets to remix them into larger poems, which can then be submitted and published on the main site for the project.  I have already submitted a poem; the site moderators claim that they will accept all of their submissions, and I would highly encourage anyone and everyone to participate!

Some of my favorite tweets so far:

“I want your face delivered to me with free 2-day shipping.”


“I found a kid’s backpack in Times Square.  I am a kid’s backpack.  I eat stuffed animals and bombs.  I create panic.”

“purify my soul w/ a brita filter, or your favorite bright eyes song”

“breathe me”