blank verse
May 12, 2011

Philosophical Fragments

I’ll tell you now what (I think) is most sure,
above all else and even beyond god:

This moment, now, is all that we can hold;
it’s all that is most real to searching hands.
And do not try to reach out past yourself,
for self alone is all that you can grasp.
Embrace it, hold it close to you, my love,
hold you to you and never let you go,
and I, by all the most unchanging things,
I swear to keep me close to that in me
which most of all is mine and me myself,
and so, when we in double sureness touch,
your self and I can know we are, in truth.
So kindle your own deepest eager youness,
and in the moment, I would have you glow
so I will see the trueness that is you.

So wander wild if you must
and stretch out past yourself to find the World,
but know that when absurdities and terrors
haunt the night and when you’ve lost whatever
truth you thought you had, know that
you are always there within yourself –
know that such a loss is just a way
of losing self to self and heart to mind
and know that in your labyrinthine soul,
you are the path of every maze you walk.


blank verse
March 7, 2011

The Prophet

Think about an orange, cut in half.
On seeing half an orange, you’ll always say
the other half was there, perhaps not now,
but once.  And so, to know an orange, just half
will do.  And you can go about and tell
the crowd, the throngs of patient ears and watch-
ful eyes, that you have seen an orange.  Exclaim
the truth of oranges!  They’ll never know
that only half was there; they will believe
in you, in you who only knew the half of it.
So why not do the same with truth?  Why not,
on seeing half a truth, exclaim to all,
“The other half is here!”  So what if on
some day they call you out and say you lied
and told them truths whose truth you did not know.
For sometimes people need to know a truth
and want, in fear, for something to believe.
So maybe half a truth will do, and you
can be the one to tell the world the orange
was whole and ripe and true before your eyes.